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Ordering and Shipping Policy

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Maintenance and Adjustments For Window Covering

  1. Bottom of shade does not hang evenly?
  2. Can I have my shades cut down?
  3. Creeping or sagging?
  4. Cord controls too long?
  5. Does not operate smoothly?
  6. How do you replace a continuous cordloop?
  7. Hangs unevenly?
  8. Frayed Cordloop?
  9. Noisy operation?
  10. Will not lift Comfortex Cordless?
  11. How do I record/restring my shade blind?


Cut down my window covering

Some window covering may be cut down, however there are certain limitations with fabrics, lift systems, cord routes and size in general. You will need to contact us and we in turn will communicate with our fabricator to see what can be done.

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To fix a frayed or broken cordloop, please follow the instructions below:

Gather the pleats together and hold the bottomrail to the headrail. Flip the shade so that the headrail is resting on your lap, and the bottomrail is facing up. Release the control end cap that covers the cordloop mechanism. The bottom of the control end cap snaps into place under a lip on the cordloop mechanism. Take a flat object, like a screwdriver, and gently insert it under the plastic strip colored the same as the headrail. Gently lift up this piece to pop it off of the lip. The control end cap should now slip off the cordloop mechanism. Remove frayed cordloop by gently lifting the cord and turning the mechanism. (Tip: a screwdriver inserted into the center of the mechanism allows for easy rotation).Start new cordloop into the pulley by placing the cord into one of the teeth of the gear. Rotate the cordloop into place. Replace control end cap.

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EasyUp, Cellular, Honeycomb, Pleated Shade

My cellular shade cells have separated. How can I get my cellular shade repaired?

If a cellular shade has separated, it cannot be repaired. 

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Noisy operation- EasyUp

Sometimes on larger shades, the piece that keeps the long metals strips from rubbing against the head rail shifts out of position. This piece is a small plastic component that all the spears run through. Simply push this plastic component to the end of the metal spears to eliminate the noise.

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Bottom of shade does not hang evenly - EasyUp

EasyUp - Bottom of Shade Not Hanging Evenly Possible Cause: Cords may be caught in the headrail. This can also happen if the "C" Clips are not evenly spaced on the tilt rod in the headrail.
Solution: If cording is caught in the headrail, unhook the cording, then raise and lower the shade several times to check the operation.

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Cord controls too long- Cellular, Honeycomb, Pleated Shade

Untie the upper knot from the thinner cord that feeds into the cord accumulator. Push the stop ball up to the desired location and tie the knot again. Before cutting off excess cording, please lower the blind to ensure the length of the shade and the controls are satisfactory.

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Frayed Cordloop

First, remove the control end cap by lifting the tab on the top of the head rail that locks the cap into place. The cap should then easily pop off. Remove the frayed cordloop by gently lifting the cord and turning the mechanism (Tip: a screwdriver inserted into the center of the mechanism allows for easy rotation). Start the new cordloop into the pulley by placing the cord into one of the teeth of the gear. Rotate the cordloop into place. Replace the control cap.

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Cordless Cellular Shade

Will not lift

Gently pull down on the bottom rail to reactivate the spring. Tip: Anytime you leave your blinds in the closed position for an extended period of time, the spring will need to be reset in order to function properly.

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Creeping or sagging

If you notice your shade is creeping up from the bottom or sagging from the top, please look inside the head rail to check for the factory-installed friction clips. Contact customer service to receive friction clips and instructions to install into the spring motor. For shades that are sagging down from the top when raised, remove the bottom rail end caps from one end and look for one or more pieces of steel rod. Remove one piece at a time and check for improved performance. Then replace the end caps.

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Hangs unevenly

In some instances, the lift tapes (white ribbons) in your cordless shade can become entangled. This problem can typically be solved by pulling the shade down completely. This will usually realign the tapes. Prevention Tip: Always lift your shade from the middle rather than the sides and do not lift too quickly as this creates slack in the ribbons.

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Will Not Lift - Comfortex Cordless

The clutch needs to be reset. First, take the shade out of the window. It will slide out of the brackets.Then looking down into the top of the headrail, locate the large white clutch inside the headrail . This part is usually located on the right side. Next, turn the clutch towards the back of the headrail and keep turning it until you hear a small click, at that time the shade should retract on it's own.

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Does not operate smoothly

Look inside the head rail at the spring motor and check for friction clips. Remove 1 or all of the friction clips and check for improved operation.

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How do I record/restring my shade blind?

The time to replace the cord is before it breaks. If you cord begins to fray. Consider replacing the cord. You'll have a much easier time replacing the cord.
To record/restring your shade, please follow steps below:

  1. Remove the ladder cap from the underside of the bottomrail. (Mark I blinds: remove one or both of the end caps and slide out the vinyl sleeve that acts as a bumper on the bottomrail.)
  2. Pull exposed cords out slightly. Cut the old cord above the knot and weld the ends of the old and new cord together using a lighter or match.Roll the joined cards between your fingers to create a smooth weld.
  3. From the cordlock side, gently pull the tassel toward the left and this will pull the new cording through the same path.
  4. When the cording gets to the length you wish for the controls to be, tie a knot in the ends by the bottomrail and cut off the excess.
  5. Replace the tassel and repeat process for additional cords.

If your cord is already broken. Try joining the two broken pieces back together.