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Shade Repair and Restringing Instruction

If you need help restringing your window covering or installing your new cord loop. We had some simple easy-to-follow instructions to help guide you through your project.

Shade Restringing Instruction

  1. Honeycomb Shade
  2. Restringing a Clutch Shade
  3. Flat Easy Rise Lift Tape
  4. Duette® Ultraglide™ Pull Cord Lift Replacement

How to install your shade and to set the height.

    Duette® and Applause® Honeycomb Shades
  1. Duette® Honeycomb Shades UltraGlide® Lifting System
  2. Luminette® Privacy Sheers

How to adjust shade heights

  1. Adjusting the height for your cord equalizer.
  2. Safety cord stops..
  3. Break-Thru Safety Tassels

Cord Lock

  1. Restring a cord lock.

Reinstalling A Cord Loop Or Cord Clutch

  1. Hunter Douglas Continuous Cord Loop Replacement.
  2. Continuous Cord Loop Cellular and Roman Shades.
  3. Replace a Cord Loop
  4. Replacing broken cord loop.

Installing Cord Tenstion Device

  1. Tension Device With Cord Loop
  2. Cord Tensiomer.
  3. Replacing broken cord loop.

How To Re-Cord Your Basswood Shade

  1. Re-String a Woven Wood shade.
  2. Basswood shade.


RV Day / Night Shade Restringing Instruction

  1. Day/Night Compile Instruction
  2. Restringing /Instruction

Vertical Vane Repair Clips (Vane Savers) Instructions

Vane savers are a quick fix for a broken top hole on any PVC vertical louver

Vertical Blind Vane and Slat Repair Clips.
Available for Curved and Flat Vanes


The following list of instructions are in PDF form that you can download for your convenience.
Get free Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and view PDF files.