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Replacement parts for custom window covering


Pleated and Honeycomb Shade String

0.9mm String
1.2mm String


Pull cord straight for window covering.





Shade Pull Cord Set


Pleated and Honeycomb Shade String

Flat Lift Tape

EvenPleat  Loop Tape

Pleated and Honeycomb Shade String Kits

1.2mm String Restringing kit
0.9mm String Restringing kit

RV Shade Restringing Kit

1.2mm String Restringing kit for date night shade
1.4mm String Restringing kit for date night shade



cord chart of 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm, &2.2mm

Replacement cord for your honeycomb or pleated shade

All Honeycomb Shades use 0.9mm String Except

Graber Crystal Pleats use 1.2mm String

Bali Diamond Cell use 1.2mm String

Kensington Honeycomb Shades use 1.2mm String

Comfortex Honeycomb Shades use 0.9mm String

Some Day-Night Shades in RV's and Conversion Vans use 0.9mm String

Some Day-Night Shades in RV's and Conversion Vans use 1.4mm String

We recommend using 1.2 to restringing your day night RV shade.

Hunter Douglas use 2.2 for the pull cord

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Restringing  String Parts
  • Cord
  • Cord Tassels
  • Cord Cleats
  • Bottom Rail Buttons
  • End Caps
  • Tensioner Tension pulleys and tie-down devices
  • Restring Tool



    We have replacement cord for all your window covering. Whether you have a vertical shade, horizontal venetian blind, honeycomb shades, pleated shade.

    Use this string to repair the lift function of your Shade. Available in a wide range of colors. This is the most common string use in window covering.

    You can buy the cord by the foot are hundred yard roll or you can buy one or popular restringing kit for your shade, blind or RV.


    How Much String Do I Need?
    For Standard Shades.
    Measure in Inches,
    Length + Width + Lift Cord Length X Number of Cords Divided by 12 = Feet

    Example of a 3 Cord Shade,
    The Width of your Shade is 72 Inches
    The Length of your Shade is 48 inches
    The Length of your Lift Cord is 36 inches
    (This is the cord you raise & lower your blind)
    You can make it longer if needed.

    Add together to get the length of 1 cord
    72 + 48 + 36 =156 X 3 Cords = 468 inches divide by 12 = 39 feet
    This Formula has extra cord to tie knots & make adjustments.

    For RV Shade (Day/Night) Cord Sizing Formula

    2-cord Night shade Width + 1/2 Width + Length(drop) = x 2 = total
    Example 40 x 30 ( 40 + 20 + 30 = 90 x 2 = 180" cord)
    2-cord Day / Night shade add 15" to Night shade cord size. (Example = 195" cord)
    4-cord shades = Double the length of the 2-cord cord and tie spring in middle of cord.

    Flat Lift Tape for Easy Rise Systems (This type of string tape is used on many cordless shades.)

    Flat Lift Tape for Easy Rise Systems




  • Continuous Cord Loops
  • Continuous Cord Loops safety tensioner tie down
  • Tension Pulleys, Free Hanging Weights and Cleat
  • Order the String and Parts you need to make your own restring kit.
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