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Childproofing your window covering.

Window covering safety is an issue that is overlooked by consumers. Cords on window coverings can contribute to fatal accidents. Here is an unsettling fact: every year, about 50 children in the U.S. are injured or killed by strangulation involving window-covering cords. We don’t have the stats on pets, but they are victims, too.

Don't leave your cord hanging around children or pets.Child Safety: Your child and pets could be in danger around your window covering.

1. Most children (93%) who get hurt on window blind cords are 3 yrs. old, and under.

2. Currently, fatality stats are averaging 1 (ONE) child death per month.

3. Most (80%) of incidents are caused from older products which do not meet current standards.

According to The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, these scenarios can pose a serious risk of strangulation:

  • If a child's neck gets caught between the exposed inner cord and the fabric on the backside of a blind
  • If a child pulls the cord out and wraps it around his/her neck
  • In roll-up blinds, the lifting loop can slide off the side of the blind, and a child's neck becomes entangled on the free-standing loop
  • If a child places his/her neck between the lifting loop and the roll-up blind material
  • If the window shade has looped bead chains or nylon cords, install tension devices to keep the cord taut

 Children Can Strangle On Curtain And Blind Cordspleated shade cord
A cord cleat is a simple device that allows a homeowner to wrap excess cord around the prongs, keeping it contained. When installed high above a child's reach, cord cleats are an effective way to control unruly cords and prevent tangled cord. Curtain and blind cord can be a real danger to babies and young children. Children have been strangled when they got caught in curtain or blind cords. Most of them are under the age of 3.

Fortunately, child safety is something that the window coverings industry has seriously addressed within the last few years, and major manufacturers continue to develop new features to ensure the safety of your home.

The Break-Thru safety tassel was designed to prevent children and pets from injuring themselves if caught in the blind cords. Holds up to 4 cords per tassel. Update your old tassels with the new safety tassel. Designed to separate if your child or your cat comes entangled with the cord. We all know how cats like to play with the window treatment cord, just hanging there for them to play with. If you window treatment, come with a cord loop you should use a Cord Loop Spring-Loaded Tension Pulley install your anchored device on the side of the window or the bottom still of the window.

Protect Your Children
Be aware that it is possible for children to strangle in window covering cords. To reduce the occurrence of accident, all cords must be kept out of the reach of children. Cord cleats are an effective way to anchor to cord so it is out of the reach of the children.

Cleat means a device that has a bar with arms around which a cord can be wound, and that can be attached to a wall or other structure.

Cord means a rope, strap, string, chain, line or wire used to manipulate a corded internal window covering.

Every year across the country children are seriously hurt or killed from falling out of up open window. When the weather gets warm we need the window open and let in fresh air. Here are some suggestions to help keep your children safe.

  • Open windows from the top only.
  • Do not rely on screens to keep your child from falling out the window, they are not strong enough.
  • Install window guards that you can purchase at your local hardware store.
  • Installing window fan that fits across the bottom of the window, lock the top of window to prevent it from opening any further.


Safety Features Keep Your Family Safe

All drapery cords should be secured to a  tension pulley. A cord tensioner devices used to anchor the cord to the  Sash : In window terms the frame of the window or side of the window. Attached your cord loop or chain to the tensioner device to help make your children and pets safe in their home.

Continuous-loop Lift SystemContinuous Loop Lift System
Cords are kept at a constant length so they don't puddle on floor when blind or shade is raised and are held taut by a safety hold-down bracket.

Optional Safety Cord CleatsCord Cleats
 Cords are anchored to wall, keeping them out of reach of children and pets.

Cordless Bottom Up/Top Down

Cleverly designed system combines two popular options into one — shade lowers from the top or raises from the bottom without the use of exterior cords. Cordless Bottom Up/Top Down

None of these precautions are 100% full-proof, and should not be considered an alternative to direct parental supervision. All cord safety it ultimately the responsibility of the parent.

If you are looking for Cord Cleats, Cord Tensioner or Break-Away Tassels. We can help you to make your home safer for your children and pets. We have all the latest new tensioner devices and new safety products to help make your children and pets safe in their home. For more information on window covering safety blind cord cleat and blind cord safety tassel.

bullet Cord Loop Tensioner bullet Pull Tassel Replacement
Use cord loop tensioner to increase child safety. Wrap cords around the cord loop tensioner to keep cords out of reach.

  Break-Away Tassels are specially designed is split in half when under pressure.

breakaway safety tassel

Safety is Our Primary Concern!

Repair or Replace Pre-2001 Window Treatments

How safe are the window treatments in your home? As of 2001, the entire window coverings industry has improved the safety of blinds and shades by adding these enhancements to all products:

  • Tension pulleys and tie-down devices in all continuous-loop pull cords
  • Tassel ends on lift cords
  • Cord stops on horizontal blind lift cords that prevent user from pulling internal cords through the slats
  • For a free retrofit kit, contact the Window Coverings Safety Council at or 1-800-506-4636.

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